Chapter 14Law #4: Integrity Frees You to Live

Randy got straight to the point. “This is one of the more straightforward laws, but it can be the most freeing. The truth is, when you live with integrity, you experience peace and contentment, which provides freedom. You’re able to be who you really are, rather than being hyper‐focused on maintaining false narratives or remembering lies, which puts you on a hamster wheel you can never get off. Think of it like this. Have you ever juggled before?”

“No,” Matt laughed. “I don't think I'd be very good at it.”

“Exactly,” exclaimed Randy, as he went into his bag and grabbed three juggling balls. “Take lying, for example. When you lie, you lack integrity and create a false narrative. So, if I take one of these balls and throw it in the air. It's easy to maintain throwing it up and down to myself. Here, you try.”

Matt picked up one of the juggling balls and threw it up and caught it a couple of times. He said, “Yes, I agree, this is easy.”

“Okay, great,” said Randy. “You can maintain one lie. Now, how about you lie to someone else about something. Here's another ball. Now throw them up and down and see how easy they are to maintain.”

Matt threw them both in the air and caught them, but looked more awkward than the first time. “A little harder,” Matt said. “But I can still handle this.”

“Okay, if you're so sure of yourself, then here's the third ball. Try this.” Matt threw the first two balls up in the air and, as he released the third, ...

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