6Manufacturing Helpful Salespeople Your Buyers Trust

Today's buyers have all the control in the buying/selling process. Buyers can easily go online and find the top vendors in a given space. They can research differences in price and functionality across the various vendors. Buyers can find customers and ex-customers to talk to in social media. Often, buyers can try the product online for free, and sometimes they can even buy the product right there online.

So, why do we even need salespeople?

Good question.

In this new buyer/seller paradigm, salespeople must prove their worth by adding more value to the process. Sales is no longer about memorizing the call script, the price book, and the top 10 objections. It's about being a genuine consultant and trusted advisor to potential customers.

Train Your Salespeople to Experience the Day-to-Day Job of Potential Customers

Salespeople need a high degree of business acumen in order to fully understand their buyers' goals. Salespeople need to transform their product's generic messaging into a customized story that resonates with the buyer, addresses the buyer's needs, and uses the buyer's terminology.

The best-trained salespeople have experienced the day-to-day job of their potential customers.

This modern ...

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