The Sales Boss Scorecard

If you are looking for a quick checklist to evaluate how great you are as a Sales Boss or you need to evaluate the manager of your sales team, then understand that you might be over-simplifying. Read through the pages of this book and spend thoughtful and honest time asking yourself how well you are doing in each of the areas below. You can use the checklist below as an ongoing evaluation to keep yourself on track, but it will be important to understand what the intent is behind each of the statements. For instance, the statement: “I provide a weekly coaching session” should be evaluated in light of how the coaching sessions are outlined in this book. Not all coaching is created equal.

The Scorecard

Chapter 1 The Work of a Sales Boss

  • inline I accept full responsibility for my company’s results, even when the results are negatively impacted by other departments’ actions.
  • inline I exceed revenue expectations.

Chapter 2 The Importance of Sacred Rhythms

  • inline I consider myself more a part of the management team than the sales team.
  • inline My team understands the rhythms of the ...

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