CHAPTER 4 The Truth About Humans

People are unique individuals. Thankfully for those of us tasked with managing a team, people are predictably unique. Understanding some fundamental truths that apply to everyone can significantly improve the ease with which you achieve results with your sales team. Prior to going into the logistics of hiring and training a team of salespeople and all of the minutia that goes into a team, it is important to understand these fundamental truths.

In order to put together a high-performing team, you will need to develop your ability to understand humans on an individual level. This means that, for all of the importance placed on having a great team, you must recognize that the team is simply individuals and that you must deeply understand those individuals. You cannot treat everyone the same and expect to have great results. You also can’t treat people the way you want to be treated and expect great results. You must treat them the way they want to be treated.

You have to do the messy work of rolling up your sleeves and finding out what makes the individuals on your team tick. You can’t hide behind spreadsheets or customer relationship management (CRM) data and call reports to diagnose what is happening. You’ll need to deeply understand your individual team members.

Here are five fundamental truths about human behavior. They are beliefs that, without fail, I have seen every Sales Boss possess a great intuition around.

Five Fundamental Truths About ...

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