CHAPTER 7 Step by Step to Hiring a Sales Superstar

The Selection Process

Running a great selection process requires the right mindset and proper preparation. The enemy of great is the rushed process: “I just needed someone yesterday!”

I’d like you to imagine that you were getting ready to invest a half-million dollars of your company’s money, or better yet, think of investing your own money. How carefully would you consider the investment? In most cases more money, expense, and revenue hinge on making a good hiring decision for a sales position than just half a million. Treat the decision with the importance it deserves. Here are the critical steps in the process of hiring a sales superstar.

Design a well-written job posting

Take the time to identify what skills are required to be successful. Describe these skills clearly in the advertisement, rather than just describing the industry or product they’ll be asked to sell.

  • What type of prospecting will they do?
  • What type of record-keeping will they use?
  • What support structure will they have?
  • Is it a complex sell?
  • Will they be selling once to an individual?
  • Is it a multi-call sales process?
  • Will they be presenting to larger groups?
  • Is it an RFP process?
  • Are you the highest priced solution?
  • Are you the lowest cost solution?
  • How intense is the competition?
  • Where do you rank in size and quality to your competition?
  • Are salespeople expected to find new clients and pass them on to customer care?
  • Will they sell and service the clients? ...

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