CHAPTER 9 On-Boarding a New Member of the Sales Team

The way you bring salespeople into your team has a profound impact on the success they will have selling for your company. Remember that we all tend to change our habits to fit the environment we are in. Recall the clean and dirty bathrooms we mentioned earlier? If you’ve followed the hiring process that was outlined in the previous chapters, you have already gone a long way toward communicating with the new hire that he is joining a sales team that operates at a very high level. Let’s not spoil that impression on the first day!

Any required HR paperwork should have been emailed to new hires prior to the first day or can be handled later. Never allow a candidate’s first day to start with a visit to Human Resources. If this is your company’s policy, fight to have it changed. If you can’t change it, you should be in HR with the person and make sure the process isn’t boring or irrelevant. Get your person in and out as quickly as possible!

The first day and weeks of any new people’s arrival at your company should be orchestrated and planned to help cement the idea in the candidates’ minds that they made the right decision to spend the next part of their careers with your team and should infuse within them your standards for performance. Because the circumstances of each company will be different, some hiring salespeople who work out of the office, some from home, some from the field, and some on the phone, I will simply give ...

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