CHAPTER 12 Team Rhythms That Lead to Group Cohesion

We’ve discussed establishing some Sacred Rhythms that will help you in your management and motivation of the team. Let’s discuss what some of those key rhythms need to be for your team. A team cannot operate effectively together without regular meetings. It is essential that you hold regular and productive meetings. Understand that if you run a poor meeting, you’ll get poor results and people will believe you are wasting their time.

I suggest that you take an anonymous vote at least twice yearly to see whether the participants of the meeting think you should keep the meeting or get rid of it. Do a vote any time you personally feel the energy has left the meeting. If a majority feel the meeting should be axed, then the next meeting should be started something like this:

“Well, the results are in, and 75 percent of you think this meeting should be axed and is a waste of your time. My apologies! I guess I haven’t done my job well enough in making sure this meeting provides value to you. I hate wasting your time, as I know you have important selling activities to be involved in today. I have this meeting scheduled because I believe it’s important to ________ . So the question is: How can we change this meeting to accomplish that goal and provide enough value so that next time you vote to keep this meeting? Let’s spend the remainder of our time figuring that out.”

Then have an open discussion on what would make the meeting better ...

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