CHAPTER 13 Individual Rhythms That Lead to Star Performances

Individual Meetings Framework

Individual meetings are where you build relationships with your salespeople and customize the environment for growth. You must have some important one-on-one meetings with your salespeople, and this chapter outlines what should be accomplished at each one. Before we start looking at the tactical nature of what happens at these meetings, it is important to review your mindset and the “how you show up” at these meetings.

Remember the key points of the management code:

  • Don’t micro-manage; be actively engaged
  • Honesty always; nobody should ever be surprised
  • Be authentic; people are people
  • Be the thermostat, not the thermometer
  • Trust and expect the best, but verify
  • Believe bigger
  • Believe the fault is yours

Our meetings with our salespeople always come from this place. The best Sales Boss spends more than 80 percent of his or her time in the coaching and mentoring role and less than 20 percent in the boss and judge role. We will discuss each of these roles in detail.

Show up at individual meetings free of ego or predetermined judgments and with your highest EQ. Come to these meetings not to have your needs met, but to authentically help your salesperson. Recall that every salesperson is giving 100 percent of what he or she is capable of or has what he or she believes is a valid reason for not doing so. If you are unhappy with the results of a salesperson on your team, your job is to figure ...

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