Chapter 8: Debugging Techniques – How to Troubleshoot

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Errors, Warnings, and Notes in the Log

8.2.1 DEFINE Statement

8.2.2 BREAK Statement

8.2.3 Compute Block Statements

8.3 Temporary Variable Values

8.3.1 Output via a LINE Statement

8.3.2 Output via a COMPUTED Variable

8.4 General Tips

8.1 Introduction

No matter how well you know your data or how careful you are when writing your PROC REPORT code, something might still go wrong. This chapter discusses errors, warnings, and notes that PROC REPORT will generate if something is wrong. It also demonstrates how you can view the value of temporary variables to ensure they contain the value that you expect. Finally, the chapter provides general debugging tips.

8.2 Errors, Warnings, ...

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