The Say It With Charts Complete Toolkit

Book description

The Complete Do-It-Yourself Kit for Creating Powerful, Interactive Presentations

Master presenter Gene Zelazny has shown thousands of professionals around the world how to design and deliver successful presentations. Now, he combines his bestselling Say It With Charts with his Say It With Charts Workbook into one comprehensive volume-complete with an all-new CD that lets you download and implement Zelazny's potent PowerPoint charts, graphs, and visuals!

This first-of-its-kind Toolkit reveals time-tested tips for putting your message in visual form and translating data into eye-catching, persuasive charts and multimedia presentations. Zelazny offers step-by-step advice on selecting and preparing the right charts, emphasizing key points, and encouraging your audience become active participants. He also shows you how to use today's digital technologies to create easy-to-follow, attention-grabbing visuals. Nowhere else will you find such comprehensive, authoritative information on:

  • The different types of charts for any presentation
  • Audience-tested techniques for communicating information
  • Hands-on recommendations for lettering size, color, appropriate chart types, and more
  • Techniques for dramatic eVisuals using animation, scanned images, sound video, and links to pertinent websites
  • Tactics for customizing graphics to specific audiences

Product information

  • Title: The Say It With Charts Complete Toolkit
  • Author(s): Gene Zelazny
  • Release date: December 2006
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071631167