Chapter 6. Introduction to Omega Strategies

Before you learn about omega strategies, I want to give you your first Influence and Persuasion Quotient (IPQ) test! (Do I have you in suspense?)

In the preceding chapter, you decided how you would react in a couple of different hypothetical scenarios. Now, I want you to discover where you are at in terms of your understanding and ability to apply some of the principles of influence. This test is one that I gave in "Coffee with Kevin Hogan" (if you don't subscribe, my goodness, go to right now and do so!), and the response was one of great appreciation. Even if you may have taken this test already, please do so again.

Testing Your Influence and Persuasion Quotient

Wouldn't it be great to know how to frame your products, services, and ideas—yourself—so that others simply fall over as they try to get to you? Over the next several months, I will be releasing on my web site the culmination of years of research and meta-analysis of what works and what doesn't in the fields of influence, persuasion, and compliance. All of this material is 100 percent ready for use in selling and marketing. Virtually all the information is new and has never been shared in anything that I have ever released.

To gauge your current knowledge of what works in influence, let's start with a test that you can take to see what your IPQ is. You'll need a pen and paper and about five minutes of your time. Write all your answers down. This is crucial, as ...

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