Hundred Shades of Grey Matter: Best Practice Thoughts

    1. Power is the right to make others suffer.

    2. Now he (or she) knows everything—he or she has just been promoted to manager.

    3. Management—like sex—is greatly overrated.

    4. Working together is hard to do, working by myself is only difficult to do.

    5. Shelves and shelves of shelves and shelves.

    6. The thieves of time—white collar, not blue collar.

    7. Take good care of the top and bottom (those who do the work), screw the middle.

    8. Born again, then gone again.

    9. The boss is always right, the customer comes next.

  10. Breaking up is good to do.

  11. Its not over until the fat lady signs the stock options.

  12. Looking for the inner corporate ...

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