CHAPTER 2Toward Buyers and Away Buyers

LET’S TALK ABOUT MY BIG BUT You’re sitting with a good friend and the topic of vacations comes up. She says, “Hey, what’s the greatest trip you could ever take, anywhere? Would you fly, drive, cruise on a ship? Picture the location in your mind—what would you do there? What are all the great things you’ll do and experience?”

You respond, “I’d go to Tahiti, it’s gorgeous!” She shakes her head and says, “Yeah, but it takes ten hours to get there. You’ll be exhausted.”

“That’s okay,” you say, “I’ll just crash at the beach to catch up on sleep.”

“But you’ll probably fry in the sun and ruin the rest of the trip.”

“I’m not stupid. I’ll wear a good sunscreen.”

“But you know that stuff is toxic, right? You’re ...

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