I was a seriously fat, happy baby and I did not walk until I was about 15 months old. There was just too much blubber to carry around!


For some reason I tended to get all the modelling gigs with animals. This job was advertising merino wool. The animal hated me and every opportunity it would try and charge me, nearly charging me into the local lake!


Rae and myself as bridesmaids on our sister Lisa’s wedding day. I was 17 at the time.


Travelling the world, aged 21, hiking the Grand Canyon. Smart people did this on horseback or by helicopter, but on my budget I had to hike it the old fashioned way and use my feet. I was fit at the time, but 10 kilometres all the way up nearly killed me!


This was our first store on King William Street in Adelaide. The place was a mess and Jeff and I painted the floor with polyurethane to save money. We basically did as much as we could as we were on a tiny, strict budget. There was no air-conditioning so we had to ...

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