Chapter 6


imageThere’s nothing like a mother’s hug. It has the power to take away your pain and fear and to comfort you during the most difficult times. One hug and you feel as though everything is going to be okay. As Josh hugged his mom at the front door, with tears flowing down both of their faces, he once again felt like the boy who was lost at the mall but eventually found. She hugged him now as she had hugged him then. Josh hadn’t told her what was going on in his life, but he didn’t have to. A mom just knows.

She grabbed him by the hand, took him into the kitchen, and made him a hearty breakfast while they talked about his challenges. The rest of the family was already at church, getting ready for Sunday services. Josh took a long, hot shower, put on some fresh clothes, and hopped in the car with his mom to join the rest of the family.

It had been six months since he had last been home to attend his father’s church, but the minute he stepped into the building it felt like he’d been there yesterday. He marveled at his father’s energy and ability to inspire people despite sharing the same message during three different services. He spoke at 9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., and 5:00 p.m., yet his last sermon was delivered as powerfully and passionately as the first. Josh noted that his oldest brother was also a powerful force when he spoke. His brother, who had a heart for helping the ...

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