Chapter 32

The Harvest

imageJoshua told Dharma about the final stage as they drove away from the farm. He had gone through the preparation stage, the planting stage, the growth stage, and was now in the fourth and final stage, the harvest stage, in which all your preparation, hard work, growth, and faith throughout the tests pay off. “This is the stage where you reap the harvest you have sown with your seed.

“During the harvest stage, your purpose becomes so clear you can say it in a simple sentence,” Joshua told her. It’s a time of great abundance. During the harvest, there is nothing you lack. You give, you give, and you give, and you are replenished. What you give comes back to you exponentially. You produce much fruit in the form of benefits to others and to the world, and in turn this fruit becomes a seed for others to plant.

“When you reach the harvest stage, you are able to look back and see how all the stages are connected. Your past prepares you to be planted. You plant yourself so you can grow. You grow so you can produce a harvest that will produce fruit. And your fruit produces seeds in others that change lives. The duration of the stages may be different for each person, but the cycle is the same. The cycle has a purpose. You plant yourself so that you can reap a harvest that will help others become all they are meant to be. The cycle then begins in others who are willing ...

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