Table of Contents


Chapter 1. General Introduction

1.1. The vision: to enhance cognitive processes

1.2. A transdisciplinary intellectual adventure

1.3. The result: toward hypercortical cognition

1.4. General plan of this book

PART 1 The Philosophy of Information

Chapter 2. The Nature of Information

2.1. Orientation

2.2. The information paradigm

2.3. Layers of encoding

2.4. Evolution in information nature

2.5. The unity of nature

Chapter 3. Symbolic Cognition

3.1. Delimitation of the field of symbolic cognition

3.2. The secondary reflexivity of symbolic cognition

3.3. Symbolic power and its manifestations

3.4. The reciprocal enveloping of the phenomenal world and semantic world

3.5. The open intelligence of culture

3.6. Differences between animal and human collective intelligence

Chapter 4. Creative Conversation

4.1. Beyond “collective stupidity”

4.2. Reflexive explication and sharing of knowledge

4.3. The symbolic medium of creative conversation

Chapter 5. Toward an Epistemological Transformation of the Human Sciences

5.1. The stakes of human development

5.2. Critique of the human sciences

5.3. The threefold renewal of the human sciences

5.4. The Ouroboros

Chapter 6. The Information Economy

6.1. The symbiosis of knowledge capital and cognitive labor

6.2. Toward scientific self-management of collective intelligence

6.3. Flows of symbolic energy

6.4. Ecosystems of ideas and the semantic information economy

6.5. The semantic information economy in the digital medium ...

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