Engage Your Heart

If you've ever had the chance to work for a highly energized CEO or other manager, you know how powerful an experience it can be. Working with a leader who is able to bring together the organization's ultimate mission while simultaneously tapping into individuals’ personal missions is truly a gift. Leadership is one of the strongest factors in determining success. I've seen it drive shared missions—and crash those without a solid foundation.

Consider your heart to be the CEO of your body's operating system. Phase Two of the SHARP Solution focuses on this powerful energy generator, which will help the rest of your life—brain, mind, body, and community—work together. Like the tough task CEOs face when they align the organization's mission with those of the people working for it, aligning all of these unique components takes work, time, energy, oftentimes money, and almost always patience. Yet I would argue that it's an investment worth making. Personal engagement happens when the passions of your heart are in alignment with the focus of your mind, and the focus of your mind is in alignment with the passions of your heart. This is equivalent to getting the CEO and CFO of your operating system working on a shared mission.

In the same way, you'd have a hard time achieving your goals if you simply engaged the analytical CFO brain without a clear purpose. It is often the passionate CEO who keeps us coming back to what's ultimately most important to us. While it may ...

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