Energize Your Body

One of the brain's most critical responsibilities is to make sure that we meet the energy requirements necessary to keep our systems running. We create energy in the body with two key components: glucose and oxygen.

Phase Four of the SHARP Solution will focus on techniques that help you activate your physical energy by nourishing your body and brain through a variety of methods. We'll focus on the need for good nutrition, eating mindfully, moving more frequently throughout the day, exercising strategically, and prioritizing rest and sleep. This will activate your physical energy source in order to provide the fuel you need to be at your best, while also keeping blood sugar levels stable to ensure the brain that you have consistent energy and don't need to conserve resources.

The brain's primary responsibility is to keep us alive, which requires an adequate amount of energy to fuel the cells of our body. In order to keep our brain functioning at its best, we have to keep glucose and oxygen levels steady throughout the day. Maintaining optimal circulation in the body and brain not only maintains our energy levels; it also balances mood, improves concentration, reduces fatigue, decreases cravings, and stabilizes stress hormones.

As we discussed earlier, sometimes the CEO and the CFO—the heart and brain, respectively—don't agree on the most important goals in the moment. There are times when we want to take a certain action or perform a task with all of our heart. ...

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