The SHARP Solution Plan

Now that we've walked through the process of how to train your brain to improve your health, happiness, and performance, it's time to identify an action plan that will provide the structure you need to put these concepts to work. As we create your SHARP Solution plan, let's first recap the key strategies we explored, which are broken down into five phases:

Phase One: Balance Your Brain: Balance brain chemistry with focused breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques.
1. Just relax.
Phase Two: Engage Your Heart: Tap into the passions of your heart to boost motivation and engagement.
1. Recognize core values.
2. Establish purpose.
3. Create a vision statement.
Phase Three: Focus Your Mind: Shift out of multitasking mode into a more focused, mindful awareness of the present moment.
1. Increase awareness.
2. Master mindfulness.
3. Makeover your mindset.
Phase Four: Energize Your Body: Nourish your physical energy through strategic nutrition, physical activity, rest, and sleep.
1. Balance blood sugar.
2. Optimize blood flow.
3. Prioritize rest and sleep.
Phase Five: Strengthen Your Community: Build social support and accountability to help you stay consistent in the midst of daily challenges.
1. Establish social support.
2. Lead by example.
3. Set yourself up for success.

It can be helpful to first go through each phase and jot down the exercises and training tools that you think you might want to incorporate in the future. From there, you can narrow ...

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