As children, we were often reminded to “think before you decide”. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget this principle. Business decisions are frequently influenced by emotional elements or short-term goals. Occasionally they are done with minimal consideration and market awareness.

Knowledge of the future of the mobile industry is power. This includes an awareness of the marketplace, technology, key players and services, users, and the immutable laws behind them all.

We want to provide you with some food for thought in the form of several short “Think” memos. While based on our six immutable laws, they also go beyond them. Each looks at a different angle of the mobile industry’s future, and should help you to understand the fundamental changes happening today and to come.


The ubiquity of mobile networks and convergence of devices will bring new ways of mobile communication and mobile business models.

We have to broaden our long-term thinking about mobile devices. A good example is Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader, which has a built-in mobile phone network chipset that allows users free access to Amazon’s online bookshop as well as wireless downloads of e-books. Users do not need a mobile phone or carrier contract, and pay no fees; Amazon handles everything, and they mainly use the mobile network connection to allow users access to their service anytime, anyplace. We will see more devices using the mobile Net in ways not imagined ...

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