The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook: An Implementation Guide for Process Improvement Teams

Book description

This companion guide to the bestselling The Six Sigma Way focuses on the project improvement teams that do the real, in-the-trenches work of Six Sigma—measuring performance, improving quality and saving millions in the process.

The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook is a highly practical reference for team leaders and members, outlining both the methods that have made Six Sigma successful and the basic steps a team must follow in an improvement effort. Written by three veteran trainers of Six Sigma “Black Belts” and teams at GE, Sun Microsystems, and Sears, this hands-on guide helps teams obtain the skills they need to identify a product, service, or process that needs improvement or redesign; gather data on the process and the rate of defects; find ways to improve quality up to a Six Sigma level—just 3.4 defects per million; and much more.

* Includes dozens of data-gathering forms and Six Sigma tools and worksheets
* Describes key improvement methods in a concise “how-to” format with checklists and tips

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Part One What a Six Sigma Project Team Needs to Know Before It Gets Started
    1. Chapter 1 The Six Sigma System A New Way to an Old Vision
    2. Chapter 2 Three Ways to Six Sigma Strategies to Improve, Create, and Manage Processes
    3. Chapter 3 Organizing for Six Sigma Meet the Players
    4. Chapter 4 Selecting Winning Six Sigma Projects Getting It Right the First Time
    5. Chapter 5 A Basic Toolkit for Team Leaders Before You Begin
  7. Part Two Leading a Six Sigma Project Team Through DMAIC
    1. The Define Stage
      1. Chapter 6 Define the Opportunity Scoping Six Sigma Projects
      2. Chapter 7 Power Tools for “Define” Getting It Right at the Beginning
      3. Chapter 8 Coming Together as a Team Working Through the Forming Stage
    2. The Measure Stage
      1. Chapter 9 Measuring Process Performance Baselining and Refining the Problem Statement
      2. Chapter 10 Power Tools for “Measure” Collecting and Using Data
      3. Chapter 11 Guiding the Six Sigma Team in the Measure Stage Storm Clouds Ahead
    3. The Analyze Stage
      1. Chapter 12 Analyzing Data and Investigating Causes “Call for Sherlock Holmes!”
      2. Chapter 13 Power Tools for “Analyze” Understanding Problems
      3. Chapter 14 Normal Data and Team Norms Guiding the Six Sigma Team in the Analyze Stage
    4. The Improve Stage
      1. Chapter 15 Improving the Process Creating, Selecting, and Implementing Solutions
      2. Chapter 16 Power Tools for “Improve” Getting Better and Better
      3. Chapter 17 “At Last We’re a Team!” Guiding the Six Sigma Team in the Improve Stage
    5. The Control Stage
      1. Chapter 18 Control and Process Management Hold the Gains
      2. Chapter 19 Power Tools for “Control” Keeping Things on Track
      3. Chapter 20 Guiding Your Team in the Control Stage “Are We Really in Control?”
    6. Design/Redesign
      1. Chapter 21 Six Sigma Process Design/Redesign Restarting from Scratch
  8. Index
  9. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook: An Implementation Guide for Process Improvement Teams
  • Author(s): Peter Pande, Robert Neuman, Roland Cavanagh
  • Release date: November 2001
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071431491