Chapter 35

Mobility I: Small Office Mobility

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

—Arthur C. Clarke

My first job out of law school was with a large firm in San Francisco. The year was 1992. I had interned between my second and third years of school there, and they had wined me and dined me in an effort to get me to join the firm once school ended the next year. They took me on river rafting trips and to wine and cheese parties, not to mention soirées at partners’ homes—I was duly impressed and couldn't wait to join the firm. I went back and finished my last year of law school, and then I walked into the office in early September after a summer of studying for, and passing, the bar exam.

That very first morning, the managing partner of the firm walked in and said: “I have a little story I want to share with you.” He went on: “A young man was driving down the street when he got into a car accident. He slipped into a coma and suddenly found himself at the Pearly Gates. God said to him, ‘You may die soon. Would you rather go to Heaven or Hell?’ ‘Could I see them both?’ asked the young man. ‘Yes,’ God replied.” The partner had a strangely ominous tone to his voice. He clearly relished telling this tale. “So first the young man walks through the Pearly Gates and into Heaven. Everything is soft and beautiful and very peaceful. Next, he is transported to Hell, and he's surprised at what he sees. Everyone is dancing and partying, music is playing, drinks ...

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