CHAPTER 11 SlideShare: it’s a pump class for PowerPoint

As in real life, so online. You used to deliver a PowerPoint presentation to a defined audience at a single moment in time, photocopying or sharing the content first via email then by passing on a USB stick to those who could not be there. Now you use SlideShare to reach a global audience by sharing rich presentations that can be stored online, shared with a link and viewed at any time.

Socialised PowerPoint

Think of professional information sessions and you’d be hard pressed not to think of PowerPoint or other such tools that use film, photographs, charts — and, sadly, far too many dot points — to communicate.

Whether at a boardroom meeting or a conference drawing thousands, communicators like to use different tools to make a point and audiences like to receive information in multiple formats. This is familiar territory.

In the past, presentations were limited by time, space and audience. You had to be there to see the presentation. You had to remember what was said. If you were lucky the presenter photocopied it onto A4 sheets with little boxes and notes so you could refer to talking points and share it with others you thought would benefit from the message. ...

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