Around the world, time and again research into social media and leadership reveals the same insights:

  1. Executives know that social media is vital.
  2. They know they need to do something about it.
  3. They want to know why and how.

This book delivers on those needs. Starting with powerful evidence from the best global consultancies on the magnitude of the multi-trillion-dollar connected economy, it separates the myths from the facts and provides a practical guide for professionals to move forward and capitalise on its opportunities.

Reading The Social Executive will arm you for social engagement and the digital economy by showing you how to:

  • Bust the myths. Separate the facts from the fiction. You will learn that social media is not a fad but is growing rapidly and becoming deeply entrenched in business. For example, the LinkedIn business network is 12 years old and used by 250 million professionals around the world.
  • Speak C-suite social. Build evidence-driven arguments based on incisive analysis for socialising business. You will be able to articulate its value by referring to real case studies that show its impact in your industry.
  • Walk your social talk. Understand the key social media platforms, what they are used for and why. You’ll be able to distinguish Twitter from Facebook and SlideShare from LinkedIn without resorting to jargon, and to speak sensibly about emerging issues like privacy and security and how they can be effectively managed through good governance. ...

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