Chapter 13. Watch Out for Vlogs (Video Create)

The audio podcast chapter mentioned that a video recording can also be considered a podcast since the iPod and other digital playback devices display photographs, audio, and video. This book differentiates audio recordings as a podcast and video recordings as just video or a vlog. As the word blog stands for weB LOG, vlog, comes from Video web LOG.

What's In It for You?

Human psychology is such that the more robust or stimulating the experience, the more engaging it is, and the better we comprehend and retain that experience. An engaging video also ensures that your viewer will watch it to its conclusion. This is why people often prefer watching a good movie at the end of the day as opposed to reading or even listening to an audio book. The more senses that are involved in gathering information, the more engaging the process becomes. This accounts for the overwhelming popularity of YouTube. Creating video, vlogging, and video posting are all about utilizing this human trait to better educate and communicate with your network and with your customers.

The human being evolved to communicate first through facial expressions, and then through speech. Verbal communication is a relatively new human trait, and the written word is even more recent. Writing can be traced back only a half dozen millennia, while communication using facial expressions and voice tones is the oldest method that any living being has used. Nearly every species on earth ...

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