Chapter 40. Your Social Media SWOT Analysis

This chapter enables you to:

  • Complete and evaluate your Social Media Awareness Index.

  • Complete and evaluate your Social Media Tool Scorecard from Part II of the book.

  • Complete a social media SWOT analysis.

  • Prepare to experiment with social media micro strategies.

SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. A social media SWOT analysis for your organization is a critical next step as you prepare to implement strategies that can impact your business success. In previous chapters, you were asked to complete a group of exercises to prepare you to do this SWOT analysis. Those exercises were designed to introduce you to tools and applications in the social media ecosystem. Many of the chapters in Part I of this book helped give you a better feel for the historical and tactical aspects of each category. Hopefully, you finished each chapter with a good sense of "what's in it for you" and a basic understanding of how some of these tools can be used in your business. Now we begin the process of weaving what you've learned into a meaningful strategy.

Your Social Media Awareness Index

In Chapter 2, you were introduced to the 15 categories of the Social Media Ecosystem and provided with a list of tools and applications from each category. You were then asked to complete a brief exercise for each category by checking those tools or applications you were familiar with and circling those you have actually used. If you did not take ...

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