Chapter 10. Talking about the Podcast (Audio Create)

Automakers have been scrambling to make their cars iPod and iPhone compatible? Why do you suppose that is? Because so many people who drive—especially those who spend long periods behind the wheel—use that time to listen to music, news, sports, weather, and other forms of audio information. Historically, in-car audio programming has been the exclusive domain of radio, an industry that was built upon finding ways to entertain or inform, and then sell stuff to a captive audience of drivers during the highly lucrative drive-time hours.[13] But that was then.

Automakers today know that iPods (used synonymously here with iPhones and other MP3 players) have become so ubiquitous and indispensable that people routinely bring them into their cars. Now, you and your company can be there too, and in all of the other places people take their iPods. This is provided you know why, when, and how to make podcasting (producing audio for iPods) part of your business strategy.

After one of the authors of the first edition of this book began podcasting, he received an e-mail from a listener asking to make the podcasts available in MP3 format so the listener could more easily download them to his iPod. It turns out that every time a new podcast came out, the listener would transfer it to his iPod and listen to it at the gym. What an efficient way to use that time!

What's in It for You?

Podcasting is an effective way for you and your business to be heard—to ...

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