Chapter 15. Live from Anywhere—It's Livecasting

What's in It for You?

Whether you call it web radio, net radio, streaming radio, e-radio, talk radio, Internet radio, livecasting, lifecasting, webcasting, web conferencing, or webinars, broadcasting information online is all about creating live content that uses the Internet to distribute (or stream[20]) that content. All of these terms refer to the process of producing your own, current content, and then distributing that content live over the Internet. You can actually create your very own radio or television show that will only be as expensive as your production costs dictate. You are the host, the production manager, and the talent. You can speak about nearly anything you wish. You can broadcast your show each day, each week, or only when you feel like it. You can put on a live presentation, perform training, introduce or demonstrate a new product or service, create a preventative maintenance program for your customers, or just talk with a special guest about what's new in your industry. It's easy to do, it's a powerful medium, and there's no cost.

Think about that for a minute: For the very first time in history, you can actually produce your own radio or television show and distribute it to everyone around the world—live—for free!

Back to the Beginning

As with the other kinds of rich media creation discussed in this book, livecasting falls into two major categories: audio (radio) and video (television). This chapter discusses how ...

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