Chapter 24. Publish

The ability to accurately publish or record our conversations to pass on to future generations is a relatively new concept. For thousands of years, stories containing myths, legends, laws, and mores of a group or society have been passed down through oral reiteration, that is, storytelling. There have been clay tablets, papyrus, hieroglyphs, handwriting, the printing press, movable type, lithography, computers, desktop publishing, print-on-demand, forums, e-mail, web pages, blogs and comments, text messaging, photo and video sharing, voicemail, and Twitter. What could be next?

It's all about saving and distributing content, some valuable, some conversational, but all a necessity of human nature. The following chapters list some of the cutting-edge companies that are providing publishing technology right now. For the first time in human history, we have an easy and free means to collect and save our thoughts and ideas, and for the first time ever, we can distribute those ideas to the global tribe instantly, also for free. It's "Word of Mouth at the Speed of Light."

As you read each profile, keep in mind that its features and functions may or may not be right for your particular business. Use the Tool Scorecard at the end of the chapter to help you determine which of these tools qualify for further consideration when you begin creating your social media strategy in Part III of this book.


Company Name:

Blogger (owned by Google)



Mountain ...

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