Chapter 35. Search

Internet search is one of the most important functions of the Internet. How else would you be able to find the one page you are looking for out of the one trillion Google-indexed web pages? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is as important as ever. And, as the number of web and blog pages grow, search will become even more integral to your Internet experience and to your customers and prospects.

If you want your customers and prospects to be able to find you and your company, you have to make it easy for them. SEO, tags, fresh content, external reputable links (Link Love), and keyword density, all add to your company's web and blog page's Google Juice. As you read each profile, keep in mind that its features and functions may or may not be right for your particular business. Use the Tool Scorecard at the end of the chapter to help you determine which of these tools qualify for further consideration when you begin creating your social media strategy in Part III of the book.


Company Name:




Cambridge, Massachusetts



Revenue Model:

Direct sales


Third-party fees like Internet service

What Is It?

Previously known as Podzinger, then EveryZing, RAMP is considered a "media merchandising platform, which is actually a search publisher's solution that can make all audio and video content searchable, indexable by the major search engines through the text transcripts." RAMP provides "time-coded and full linkable transcripts, graphic ...

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