Back to the Beginning

This chapter discusses how you can create your own radio show and broadcast it to your prospects, customers, coworkers, and fan base. In the video and television category, the chapter discusses how you can create your very own television show and broadcast that content for free.

Internet Radio

Technologist Carl Malamud first pioneered web radio in 1993. Each week, Malamud would interview a different computer expert during what he called the “first computer radio talk show.” The show wasn’t really livecasted, as it was prerecorded and distributed one by one to his listeners—who then had to download and play each audio file (an early version of podcasting).

The first groups to actually broadcast audio live over the Internet were existing commercial radio stations that were already producing audio content. The crossover from existing terrestrial radio stations or networks was logical and natural; all that the stations needed to do was take the existing content that they were already broadcasting over the AM and FM radio frequencies and broadcast it over the Internet. The very first rock and roll concert to be broadcast live was the Rolling Stones becoming the “first cyberspace streamed concert.” Mick Jagger welcomed his concert’s listeners with, “I wanna say a special welcome to everyone that’s, uh, climbed into the Internet tonight and, uh, has got into the M-bone. And I hope it doesn’t all collapse.”

Commercial Internet-Only Radio Stations

The next step in ...

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