Cisco – Social Media Center of Excellence

How to Operationalize a Social Media Centre of Excellence


This case study outlines how the Cisco Social Media Center of Excellence was born and how it has evolved in its three years of existence. Learn from Cisco's experience and gather new ideas for your centre of excellence (CoE).

Executive summary


Imagine a place with many social media practices but no way for practitioners to share their best practices and lessons learned, imagine a place with little cross-segment coordination and imagine a place without advocacy for social media. Cisco was once there. This is the story of how Cisco has transformed social media from the Wild West to an operationalized model.

Key findings

  • Cisco has grown its social media practitioner base from a few dozen to over 300 and built an SME programme that now includes over 2,500 social ambassadors globally.
  • 5,000 total live and on-demand social media course participants and a social media policy rolled out to the entire employee base.
  • Adoption of social media company-wide has significantly increased the quality and quantity of conversations about Cisco. Cisco has grown its conversation volume from 2,500 to 7,000 mentions per day, increased its competitive share of voice to overtake competitors and maintains a combined neutral and positive sentiment of approximately 90 per cent.

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