Nokia – Delivering Social Media Strategy

Stories, Numbers and Conversations


This is an account of Nokia's global strategic approach to social media, and the principles Nokia have chosen to guide their efforts. There are elements in this case, challenges and opportunities, that are specifically about Nokia, but there is also a great deal that any organization, of any size, in any sector, can identify with.

Executive summary


In this case we cover Nokia's six guiding principles for their current and future activity in social media. For each principle we will describe the organization's ambition, the way they should play out in their behaviour and marketing approach, some best-practice guidance from Nokia's marketing teams and some illustrative examples of the ways in which Nokia is already using each principle:

  • Consider the social opportunity in everything we do.
  • Engage in better conversations with more consumers.
  • Deliver personal experiences (be authentic) and earn trust.
  • Sharing is more important than control.
  • Define clear objectives from the outset.
  • Invest and commit to social presences.

Key findings

For all of the uncertainty and noise about social media there are a number of things we can be sure of:

  • A new set of consumer behaviours have emerged and are here to stay.
  • Social media usage is growing and will likely continue to do so.
  • Influence is shifting from organizations ...

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