LivingSocial – Getting Social in B2B

Social Initiatives that Grow Engagement and Build Thought Leadership Agendas with B2B Audiences


Understanding the social media needs of your target audience is key to de­veloping truly engaging campaigns. LivingSocial is an example of an organization using interactive social media methodologies to build relationships with business customers.

Executive summary


By shifting their focus from growth of their social media communities, to more specific engagement campaigns, centred on the needs of LivingSocial's customers in the local business community, the organization has demonstrated its commitment to extending wide-ranging business support to their local businesses partners across the UK and Ireland with business advice, social media support and case studies of same-sector business success stories.

Key findings

  • Focus in the social media space is rapidly moving away from an acquisition focus. Follower and community numbers are increasingly less significant, with emphasis shifting to understanding and engaging the audience on their own terms, creating an appealing, engaging community and facilitating the exchange of ideas.
  • Interactivity drives engagement, and strategies to identify and utilize the 1 per cent of influencers in your user base will pay real long-term dividends.
  • With resources limited for many brands in the social media ...

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