ADP – B2B Selling

Social Selling, a Sales Culture which is Shaping Demand


ROI is the “risk of being irrelevant” – a risk that no sales or marketing organization can ignore. ADP is an example of an organization shaping the culture of their sales department around social media to increase demand and remain relevant to their customers.

Executive summary


No company, no matter how large, can afford to assume they can grow consistently. ADP has demonstrated that implementing a social selling culture has enabled the company to grow their social media presence, shape demand for their solutions and services and provide their sales team with the tools to reach their quotas.

Key findings

  • 79 per cent of sales people who incorporate social media reach their quota, compared to an industry average of 43 per cent (Aberdeen Group 2012).
  • Younger sales people are likely to need training on how to use social media in a professional capacity in the B2B space.
  • Shaping demand doesn't always demonstrate the hard measured successes sales teams are used to, and requires a different mindset about what value social selling can add to the traditional sales department distribution model.


1. Get buy-in from senior executives and ensure leaders are comfortable with how and why.
2. Leverage experts and colleagues across the business, they are critical to overall success.

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