Product Development


Barclaycard US – Customer Collaboration

The Social Media Guide to Crowdsourcing


What happens when you put customers in charge of your product development?

Executive summary


Barclaycard US recognized a fast-changing environment and moved to take advantage of how social media can bring together consumers with a shared interest – and self select into a programme that offers good value in exchange for disciplined financial management. Barclacyard Ring is the first crowdsourced credit card in which members decide critical elements of programme management.

Key findings

  • When consumers have a hand in developing the product, they use it more – and responsibly.
  • The community even works together to make decisions, such as to share some of the card “giveback” bonus with a national charity.


1. Businesses can trust their customers to make good decisions that benefit all.
2. By maintaining an ongoing dialogue with customers via social media, the provider can frequently take the pulse of its customer community.
3. Digital influencers can help businesses connect providers with potential customers.

What you need to know

In response to changes in the regulatory environment, consumer attitudes and the emergence of social media channels, Barclacyard US created Barclaycard Ring the first crowdsourced credit card in which members decide critical elements ...

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