Sony Mobile – Managing Quality Control

Global Issue Detection


Use social media to detect consumer issues as they break to improve products and services, manage potential brand damage and avoid costs.

Listening to consumer discussions in social media to identify the key issues expressed about your products and services is the fastest, most cost-effective, statistically relevant and efficient way for you to harness the value of these globally networked conversations.

Executive summary


A large and statistically significant number of global consumers, many of them your current customers, express detailed comments and preferences, likes and dislikes, about your products and services in online communities. They don't just express their opinions about your products and services, they express their opinions about your competitors' products and services, and they often compare.

Consumers often do not mention corporate brands, like Sony, but rather express their opinion at a product level like the “Xperia”, and frequently at product feature level: the camera; the WiFi connection; the battery; the screen; the user interface; the application; and the “look and feel”.

Implementing a social media listening programme that harvests this information, and accurately categorizes and identifies issues consumers express in the early lifecycle of a hardware or software release programme, ...

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