Rentokil – Crisis Management

Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity for Change


Social media is fluid, fast moving and impossible to predict. Having a robust crisis management strategy in place before commencing with any online activities is essential and empowers employees to respond quickly.

Executive summary


Speed can often mitigate something potentially damaging, but having clarity on what detractors are saying and where they are commenting about your brand can help steer you through troubled waters. Building a loyal following of promoters can help shout down the detractors but being open and honest is always the best approach.

Key findings

  • Immediacy of response can quickly turn a detractor into a promoter.
  • Have a robust plan in place to crisis manage.
  • Honesty builds trust in your brand.


1. To ensure a consistent brand experience is delivered across the globe, introduce training programmes and develop digital assets that are adaptable for all markets.
2. Profiling existing and prospective customers online and understanding their preferred platforms of business contact will provide insight into best practice.
3. Utilize the knowledge of your employees and empower them to champion your brand.

What you need to know

Published articles on the internet tend to stay out there ad infinitum and can follow you around for a very long time. After a ...

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