“If social is owned by Marketing, Marketing isn't being very social.”

Following the success of The Social Media MBA published 18 months ago – an Amazon bestseller that at its peak was one of the 500 most bought books of the 6.2 million on sale in the UK and in the top five within its category for half a year – I've been invited to speak at a number of events around the world.

I usually start my talks by asking the audience what they would like to get out of our session together and nine out of ten times the most frequent request is that I share best practice case studies to inspire the development and delivery of their own social media strategy.

Reading the reviews about the first book, online and in the trade press, it also becomes clear that one of the most appreciated aspects of the first book is the handful of case studies I decided to feature in it.

This book was born because of this feedback, your many requests for more case studies.

I tapped into my global network of social media leaders to capture the most interesting applications of social media in this essential collection of case studies never before shared in public.

Who is this book for?

I made a claim in the first book, suggesting that it was the first in the third and final wave of social media literature that didn't talk about the rise of social or serve as an “ABC”-style guide for how to do the basics, but for the first time targeted companies and practitioners that had used social media for one or two ...

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