Anyone can make things complicated; it takes real talent to make something look simple.

With the publication of this book, the total number of “students” to have “enrolled” in The Social Media MBA “course” is on track to surpass 10,000 individuals by the end of this year; that's not even including the thousands of business professionals I've met in person while travelling around giving talks on this topic during the last few years.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to connect and network with fellow alumni by joining the “The Social Media MBA Alumni” group on LinkedIn, just google it. It's a great and safe place to eavesdrop on interesting conversations, ask questions, exchange ideas or perhaps look around for new job openings or recruit a member to your team. Sign up now before you forget! Use it as a support resource as you continue reading this book and start applying it in practice.

The original The Social Media MBA was published a little over two years ago. An Amazon bestseller that at its peak was one of the 500 most bought books of all the 6.2 million books on sale in the UK, and it was in the Top 5 within its category for six consecutive months. Now available in different languages, it has remained steady in the Top 10 in several markets; an extraordinary achievement considering the speed of change in this field and the sheer number of new books and articles published on this topic every month. For me it is a testament to the strategic decision to intentionally ...

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