Part I: Foundation

Chapter 1


Neville Hobson

In Short

  • Why social media isn’t about different websites, but people.
  • How to recognize need for change.
  • What to listen out for before speaking.


In this chapter London-based Neville Hobson – early adopter, opinion-leader and influencer in social media communication for business – will discuss how introducing social media into an organization means change. Change in the way everyone understands how the organization works. Social media is disruptive, challenging established orders, hierarchies and cultures. You can’t stop disruption, but you can harness it and make its introduction a less painful process than it may seem. You need to find a new way of looking at your organization and how you can get things done.

With all the talk you hear about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social places online – you name it, people talk about it when they mention social media – it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to think that social media is all about Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Social media isn’t about the tools and the channels – the software or the technology.

Yet it’s not. Social media isn’t about the tools and the channels – the software or the technology. It’s all about what people do with the technology, the software, the tools and the channels: sharing pictures and video, writing product reviews, collecting content, connecting with old friends, sharing with new friends, collaborating in the workplace. ...

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