Part II: Strategy Development

Chapter 3


What it means to be creative and how to come up with (and sell) ideas that truly stand out from the crowd

Eb Adeyeri

In Short

  • How to explore methods for fostering social media creativity and avoid pitfalls.
  • Why it’s particularly important to emphasize creativity within social media.
  • What you can to do take a social media idea from concept to reality.


In this chapter Eb Adeyeri, Digital Strategist at Ogilvy PR Worldwide, who has worked with clients like Salesforce, Autoglass and Pret A Manger discusses creativity.

Creativity is easy right? Well not necessarily so. Creativity is a buzzword that is thrown around a lot within the PR industry more so with the emergence of social media. However there is still little consideration for what it really means and how to achieve it on a regular basis.

This chapter will look at how to create an environment within which creativity can thrive when running social media campaigns, but also how to get the ideas off the ground in the first place and avoid common pitfalls.

What is Creativity?

There are many and various definitions of creativity. Andy Green (whose book I strongly recommend) provides a definition of creativity within the PR function:

Creativity is something new … bringing together two or more different elements in a new context, in order to provide added value to a task.

The best one for me though, from speaking and listening to various people (and this ...

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