Chapter 23How Can We Leverage Paid Social Media Promotions?

By now, it's clear that a social media presence is imperative to success in this bold new digitally competitive industry. And for good reason: In addition to establishing a respected brand and managing public perception of the company, social media creates bridges that lead you to audiences you've never touched before. And arguably one of the most appealing aspects of social media marketing is that it can all be done at surprisingly modest expense.

That said, once an advisor or firm has established a strong social media presence and taken full advantage of its myriad of free marketing methods, there is still plenty of juice to be squeezed from this enticing and potent fruit. Incorporating some paid social media promotions and advertisements into your social media campaigns is a great way to increase your impact and speed up your success.

Why Paid Promotions May be Beneficial

The fact is, paid social media has leveled the playing field a bit. It allows advisors and asset managers alike to reach fresh audiences previously considered beyond their reach, whether it was due to prohibitive advertising costs or ineffective, uncertain distribution methodologies. That means paid social media is every bit as effective for the smallest of businesses as it is for the biggest names on the Fortune 500 list.

When using paid social advertisements, not only will your name and brand gain even greater recognition and credibility, but ...

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