The Software Deployment Mystery - Solved! A Customer Guide

Book description

To solve any mystery, detectives rely on their experience along with proven tools and techniques to unravel the conundrum. This IBM Redbook addresses the often illusive mystery known as software deployment success. The information, practices, and methods presented in this book have enabled many IBM customers to achieve their business and IT goals more quickly and efficiently. IBM has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in software deployment. The technologies we have developed, the best practices we have authored, and the employees we have cultivated are our greatest assets. Like a detective explaining how the mystery was solved, we use this redbook to pass on to you -- our customers -- the experience, knowledge, and wisdom we have accumulated after years of solving software deployment mysteries.

The primary audience for this redbook is the person who has ultimate ownership for software deployment performance. We refer to this person as the Enterprise Business Sponsor (EBS). Secondary audiences include anyone who is engaged in software deployment activities. Both audiences benefit from the practices and procedures described.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Why focus on software deployment?
    1. What makes software deployment so difficult?
    2. Why have a Software Deployment Method?
    3. The Software Deployment Team
    4. The Software Deployment Method
    5. Software deployment best practices
    6. The readiness plan
    7. Solution Assurance Review
    8. Software solution work products
    9. Software deployment: A two-way street
  4. Roles and responsibilities
    1. Internal team
    2. Team IBM
    3. IBM Software Sales Team
    4. IBM Client Team
  5. Software deployment best practices
    1. Identify an Enterprise Business Sponsor and stakeholders
    2. Centralize software fulfillment
    3. Implement a license management tool and process
    4. Hire deployment services
    5. Determine your deployment readiness
    6. Commit to self-sufficiency
    7. Define a time-to-value and ROI strategy
    8. Communicate and market the vision
  6. Value realization
    1. Value statement and value timeline
    2. The buying decision
    3. Return on investment
  7. Software deployment Phase 1: Prepare for deployment
    1. Step 1: Create the Software Deployment Team
    2. Step 2: Review the deployment documentation
    3. Step 3: Develop a high-level deployment plan
    4. Step 4: Establish the deployment partnership
  8. Software deployment Phase 2: Refine and promote the plan
    1. Step 5: Refine the deployment plan
    2. Step 6: Finalize the deployment plan
    3. Step 7: Conduct the initial deployment kickoff meeting
  9. Software deployment Phase 3: Deploy software
    1. Step 8: Achieve the quick deployment wins
    2. Step 9: Execute the deployment plan
    3. Step 10: Identify new business needs
    4. Step 11: Update the business plan
  10. Managing software deployment projects
    1. Project timing
    2. Getting started
    3. Managing the success of your first project
  11. Managing global software deployment projects
    1. How the coverage model works
    2. Global deployment checklist
    3. More about the global deployment activities
    4. A global deployment coverage example
  12. Software deployment tools
    1. License management
    2. Communication tools
    3. Self-help
    4. Education
    5. Deployment services
  13. Software solution work products
    1. Work products used by SDM
    2. Work product examples
  14. Software deployment checklist
    1. Software deployment steps
    2. Phase 1: Prepare for deployment
    3. Phase 2: Refine and promote the plan
    4. Phase 3: Deploy software
  15. Global software deployment checklist
    1. Global-level activities executed by global deployment lead
    2. Local sites (secondary ’part-time’ coverage)
    3. Local sites (tertiary ’on demand’ coverage)
  16. Additional material
    1. Locating the Web material
    2. Using the Web material
  17. Glossary
  18. Related publications
    1. Online resources
    2. How to get IBM Redbooks
    3. Help from IBM
  19. Back cover
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Software Deployment Mystery - Solved! A Customer Guide
  • Author(s): Bill Bierds, Jeremy Gibson, Sandor Hasznos, David Backman, Carolyn Hungate, Mike Ransom, Calvin Lawrence, Reid Byers, Fernando Zuliani, Charles P. Brown
  • Release date: February 2004
  • Publisher(s): IBM Redbooks
  • ISBN: 0738498416