The State of Data Analytics and Visualization Adoption


Regardless of industry or company size, businesses are increasingly relying on data analytics and visualization to build a competitive advantage. Organizations are racing to gather, store, and analyze data from many different sources in many different formats. In the race toward success, businesses are transforming themselves to make data-driven decisions, and the associated technology is evolving as rapidly (or more so) as the businesses themselves.

The fast-evolving data analytics and visualization technology landscape means that businesses and individuals are scrambling to make the best technology choices. Businesses need to know that they’re choosing the right languages, products, architectures, and data sources. Individuals need to know that they’re learning the right skills to snare the right jobs. Those who choose poorly run the risk of being left behind as they fail to take advantage of the timely insights provided by well-conceived and timely data analytics and visualization programs.

For this reason, in the spring of 2017 Zoomdata commissioned O’Reilly Media to field a survey to assess the state of data analytics and visualization adoption. 875 survey respondents identified their industry, job role, company size, reasons for using analytics, technologies used in analytics programs, the perceived value of analytics programs, and more.

Results indicate the following:

  • Big data analytics and visualization ...

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