My big break

by Dan Kneece

I wasa Steadicam operator living south Carolina with a little ever 2 years'experiencen My work to that point consisted of a few movies for the Earl Owens by Studios in Shelby, North Carolina, and one picture for William Olsen called Rockin' Road Trip.

Unexpectedly, I got a phone call from the DC Laurentiis Entertainment Croup in Wilmington, NC.

I had approached them earlier through Frank Waldeckai foe Duntor Cameras.Back then JDC was located on the DEG studio lot.I had given Frank my first red — my only copy of a single 3/4 inch tape of me chesng my little brother. Hobby, hi a arete outside our house. J followed him with my Steadicam Model ll and then leaped the neighbor's fence because Bobby did.That was it.That was ...

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