Flying with a motorized stage

General balancing without a motorized stags

A Steadicam should be balanced and trimmed for the shot. If the process is cumbersome, the Steadicam's balance is not likely to be tweaked to perfection.

Old Steadicam models like the IIIA or ProVid were particularly annoying to rebalance. They had a rack and pinion system for adjusting fore and aft balance and a separate screw-type locking mechanism. Operators had to reach up, loosen the dovetail lock,disturb the balance, rack the dovetail, test for balance, and, if it was good enough, tighten the dovetail lock and settle the sled to its new balance. Then maybe the DP wanted you to boom up a few inches, so your precious trim was no longer valid.

With this setup, it should ...

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