Management is the link between control and the knowledge in the KRC model. Being a great manager takes time, patience and persistence. There are many different management styles that work and it is important that you get clear on your own management style. However, regardless of your specific management style, there are some specific characteristics that all great managers possess. Great managers are:

  • Motivated. They seem to love what they do. In particular they are motivated to build a team and help their team succeed.
  • Motivating. They exude a positive energy that inspires and motivates their team to work hard.
  • Confident. They are confident in their decisions and in their people.
  • Knowledgeable. They tend to commit to continuous and never-ending learning practices, resulting in them being aware of current best practices and trends.
  • Respectful. They show the same level of respect to all team members irrespective of performance or position title.
  • Trusting. They understand that in order to get the best from their team they have to trust them to perform in their role.
  • Direct and honest. They aren't afraid to have the tough conversations with people. Their communication is always clear, constructive and concise.
  • Flexible and adaptable. They understand that not everything is going to go to plan. They are often prepared for this and lead their team through the challenges to deliver on the agreed outcome.
  • Grateful. They appreciate the efforts of their team and ...

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