Rich Viva had been on an interesting journey since selling Apex Compression Services. His initial jubilation was quickly overshadowed by the realization that he would no longer have the comfort and safety of regular income. His concerns may have been somewhat irrational, but they were also natural. For the first time in his adult life he was forced to contemplate his financial future in a way that he had been far too busy to worry about before.

With time on his hands, Rich couldn’t help but question the meaning and purpose of his professional life. He regretted some of the sacrifices he’d made along the way, such as sacrificing time with family and friends at the expense of business priorities. But he also realized that he’d helped many people along the way: his customers, his employees, the domestic energy industry, and his family. Rich was also proud of his financial success, and he wanted to make the most of the next phase of life.

Rich had always been a goal-setter, and he felt compelled to make a plan for his retirement years, especially an investment plan. Some learn by reading, others by experience, and others by example. Rich counted on all three, and over time he had found examples all around him of people who had succeeded or failed at different aspects of investment planning. Those examples helped shape his approach to setting financial goals and objectives for the remainder of his and Peg’s lives.

  • Greg WebberGreg was a top-notch financial advisor held in ...

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